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 Rest in Peace, Robin.robin_williamstoxicfame

Many years ago this book saved my life. You see, decades ago I had discovered the secret to immortality and day after day, moment after moment each and every one of my desires and dreams were coming true in the most outlandish and prodigious manner. Not having a family to support and appreciate my accomplishments I thought what would be better than to have the notice of my friends and the rest of the world to validate me, to approve of me? There was the crucial fault in my reasoning. There was the cliff on whose perch I dangled myself. I was sure to have (and did have) great disappointment. I am grateful most of all for my intelligence which allowed me to come at some sort of objectivity and weigh the deficits of fame/celebrity with the hologram of benefits. The realization that what 99.9899 % of us in show business are: tools to solve someone else’s problem. A nail in the carpenter’s tool box, a brick in the architect’s plan. I realized that not one of us has or will ever perform at our potential; will never be given the means to fully realize our talent, genius or otherwise. And if you are able to be a part of that infinitesimal minority that “achieve” absolute fame and celebrity what you find out (when it’s far too late) is that you are still solving some else’s problem. Except now you are a product. You are a pillar upon which countless lives and corporations rest and willing to kill for to maintain. You may come closer to realizing your potential as an artist but still you never will – and in this instance – be allowed to. You are a product. And then there’s the absolute irrevocability of anonymity, of the loss of any even playing ground from which to negotiate your life in a meaningful way. What happens when no one is buying you, Mr. Pibb? Or no one wants you, fancy ice cream, Frusen Glädjé. Will the stockboy listen to your woes? Will the supplier hold you in their arms and rock you to sleep? Will your distributor take up arms to restore you to your rightful place of reign? No. The stockboy will replace you with other inventory, the supplier will not know you because the distributor does not see that you even exist nor have any memory of it.
I just kept hearing that phrase resounding in my head: the irrevocability of anonymity, the irrevocability of anonymity.