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Back Camera

“Currus bovem trahit Praepostere” [Put the cart before the horse]

It seems I have always done things out of order. I purchased my first car before knowing how to drive, I bought DVDs before I had a player. In Paris, in 1994, Merchant/Ivory asked if I was an actor before I was one (I lied and said I was then quickly scurried to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). Looking at a vintage typewriter yesterday, it reminded me that four years ago I purchased this Hermes 3000 only because Jack Kerouac used it to write. It dawned on me only today that this was yet another one of my feverish conjurings; two years before I would return to writing it seems that I was, once again and from the outside in, making the preparations, cajoling my molecules into some sort of regimental alignment, willing the spirit’s ether into solid form from the amorphous penumbra of mere wish and dream. The word ‘preposterous’ entered the English language to describe things that were out of order: the ‘post’ before the ‘pre’. I say judge not what seems to be ‘preposterous’ as it never ceases to show me that it is the ‘stuff as dreams are made on.”

Back Camera