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I have been in the thick of things attending as best I can with the release of my first collection of poetry (“A Confederacy of Joy”). It’s daunting, tiring and often times discouraging the amount of things I feel helpless accomplishing towards that end. I forge ahead and do the best I can to abate the inevitable stress and worry but sometimes you just need to distance yourself for brief periods; empty your head – attend to other things.

Tonight, I did just that. I decided last week to finally start watching “Mad Men” so I turned the ignition and adjusted the rabbit ears tuning my tele to Netflix. I took a break and watched the final episode of series 1 entitled, “The Wheel”. Toward the end of the episode I was stunned to hear a poignant speech delivered by Don Draper to the executives of Kodak regarding their product, the slide projector. In the speech he recounts an old mentor’s advice and the word “nostalgia” and its meaning’s origins in Greek.

This stunned me because last year I was so moved to learn the origin of the word that I wrote a poem, “Nostalgia or the Return of Suffering”.

What gave this such import was the fact that for several years I have been honing my awareness and in particular the occurrences of meaningful coincidences or synchronicity, the term coined by noted psychologist Carl Jung and the manner in which it seems to align with and support the paths we do or dare to take in our lives (in my estimation).

I took it as a powerful wink or warm acknowledgement from the Universe to keep me going on my path with the book and with my writing in general.

Here, below, are the pages of both the script and my poem.

Mad Men script pageNostalgia or The Return of SufferingThank you Universe.