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Nothing, Not Anything, Not You

For Ahmed Ghazi


I’ve taken a lot to sitting and thinking

Lately. Doing just that

Was all it took to bring me

Places I knew I’d been:

Before, now and now soon to be.

The wind had me taking second looks

Not at you, nor me;

Neither blood nor bones, in fact.

Nothing can make me

Yearn further for the limited candor

Of human flesh, not any more,

Not again.


Nothing can bring the flesh

Of words

To me – at least

Nothing that I can help

To do to have

These words

Come from you

To me.


I’ve grown

Too curious and still,

For curiosity can be


And the remarkable gestures

Of motion

Can often lead

To the solemnness

Of confusion.


I have ideas –

Dangerous ideas

Of moving, motion and splendorous activity.

I have the ache of want

And the thrill of vertigo

With reason, cause or not,

Temptation, desire or obligation.


Perhaps nothing

Will bring me forward

And perhaps my steps will rest

Beyond the lick of waves

In spite of their reputation

For they can only

Lead the way by example.