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Put on your favourite song.


Change gears, shutter

speeds, frames per second

so youre going in slo-mo…


keep, though, your metabolism burning

pure light. Anyway,

youll need that energy


because there will be fire

even though you wouldnt

think there could be.


Like the babys open mouth

waiting for food, full-cream

formula, mineral-rich


made of flint

and scratched sulfurous tips

caked with fuel.


Every blink of your eye

will have a kiss of halcyon sleep

then the miraculous wake to light


let in         Every breath

the sink of letting go and the filling

climb back to air.


Involuntary acts will surely show their will

like the cheating Universe

and all its secret mysteries.


Then you’ll learn

that in your mouth’s slow climb

to full-grin smile


that this is where

the true life lays –

not in the grotesque


shapes of the face in misery

but in soundtracked memory

and the baying swelled heart.

| Juan-Paolo Perre