Dear Prime Minister, You have done a great favour to us today, of which you are not aware. I’ve seen a Galatasaray (football team) fan picking up a Fenerbahçe (another football team) fan off of the street who fell against the police, to whom you have ordered to kill. I’ve seen students sharing their water and bread with each other; Kurds and Turks walking hand in hand. I’ve seen women, whom you call whores, coming out of the brothel to give lemons and water to those who were injured. I’ve seen people, whom you call transvestites, opening their hotel rooms for refuge; I’ve seen lawyers and doctors sharing their phones, medical students responding in emergencies. I’ve seen elderly ladies giving out clothes soaked in vinegar. I’ve seen shopkeepers sharing their wireless network passwords, hotel owners taking injured in to their lobbies. I’ve seen a bus driver blocking the road to prevent the panzer from entering. I’ve seen pharmacists opening their shops at night. And rest assured, tonight our eyes were filled with tears not because of the teargas you ordered to be fired but because of pride.

Open letter from the Turkish citizens to the prime minister.

Thousands of people are protesting against the government right now because of the violence and injustice they’ve been subjected to when they were peacefully protesting against government’s decision to cut down the trees and demolish a park.

Please share and let the world know that these people will not stand this torment and injustice anymore. They are chanting “We’ll have revolution!” and “Government resign!” and courageously resisting the police against the tear gas and physical brutality.

(via girlwhowasonfire)