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If someone tells you a racist, sexist or homophobic joke, don’t get mad at them. Just tell them you don’t get it. Keep telling them you don’t get it until they are forced to explain why women/minorities/homosexuals are stupid/etc.

Then just walk away.


And then, since most likely the kind of people knobs that tell these jokes will  keep explaining until they are acutely, specifically, insultingly and disgustingly explicit, you should then proceed to use all of your creativity to express your disgust (and disappointment, if you happen to have been fooled into befriending someone like this) until they comprehend your disgust. (WARNING: this may not be as evident as it seems – you may have to debase your intelligence and use seemingly sub-human syntax)

Do not just walk away. These are imbeciles. And imbeciles need to be dealt with with a particularly deft hand. (WARNING: they may be pretty, they may be handsome, they may be letting you crash on their couch, they may be your parents, you may be planning on marrying them, they may be painfully insecure)

If you do any less – you are them.