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sometimes I’ll see a photo on Tumblr that is the exact image I had in my head when I wrote a poem…it has happened again…and through someone I dig.

from my poem, “Remembrance of Things Past to Come” 


The deep exhale

And aching limbs strained from swim

The toughened soles

Of barefoot hikers

Feet grated in risible chases

Over pebbles, stones, sea-smoothed rocks

And sand too soon for glass

In the curves of secret coves.

Exhaustion setting in

The falling back to lay down

On a bed of beach

Together with table wine

In plastic cups, crusts of bread

And the mirroring brine

Of tart green olives

Unpitied in mid-chew and seeds spat

On the crests of waves.

And as night falls

And the wind dies down

The bonfire’s fire is extinguished,

The embers spread and separated

To greet a rising tide

That slipped our mind