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Textures is a 1989 album by the British musician Brian Eno consisting of edited and unedited ambient music, reserved only to film-makers, for licensing music in television programs and films. The album was not commercially released for the public.

STARTING TRAKS: 0:01 ”Soft Dawn” 2:22 ”The Water Garden”5:10“Shaded Water” 8:24“Suspicious” 12:36 ”Ozone”14:18“Landscape With Haze” 18:22“Mirage” 21:45“River Mist”26:15 ”Constant Dreams” 30:09“Dark Dreams” 33:18“Black Planet”36:09“Night Thoughts” 39:42 ”Travellers” 43:34“Evil Thoughts”45:32 ”Darkness” 46:53 ”Jungles” 48:50“Sanctuaries” 50:27“Menace” 52:14“Suspended Motion” 55:54 ”The Wild”1:00:14“River Journey”