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[Updated 05/08/13] Here is an amazing list of other Tumblr writing community pages/projects/tags that work hard to expose readers to great writing. Find new writers to read, discover talented people to interact with, find new readers to share your work with. Please contact us if you are affiliated with a TWC focused blog, and would like to be added to this list, (or if you need something updated). You can always find this list by checking the links bar on the Burning Muse page. 

Reblog Blogs 
(special focus/features will be notated)

Vet Rebloggers

Lit Mag/Book Associated Blogs [current or future]:

TWC Writer’s Databases

TWC Groups and Projects, other than reblog blogs


  • #twcp: If you have a project that you would like to share with the community, please include this tag. (Note: This is for project descriptions. Not personal writing.)
  • #twcplagiarism: If someone re-posts your work without credit (please give the person a few days to fix their “mistake” before posting a link to their blog).
  • #twctips: If you have a platform/formatting tip that might be helpful to the community, please include this tag. (Note: this is not meant for opinion pieces.)
  • #twccsurvivetumblr: If you would like to write a post with tips on how new writers can “Survive Tumblr” please title it: How to Survive the Tumblr Writing Community. It can be positive, negative, or neutral… and include this tag. Please see the posts already up as examples. 
  • #Spilled Ink: LEGACY: No longer “active”, but still monitored by most reblog blogs.
  • #SpilledinkProse: LEGACY: No longer “active”, but still monitored by most reblog blogs.

Genre Days Tags

  • #Making Love Monday: Romance
  • #TMI Tuesday: Non-Fic
  • #Windmill Wednesday: Fantasy
  • #Transhuman Thursday: Sci-Fi/Speculative
  • #Femme Fatale Friday: Noir/Mystery
  • #Sensual Saturday: Erotica
  • #Sinister Sunday: Horror

The Tumblr Books

Tumblr Platform Tips

Off-Tumblr Resources

  • Database of Lit Mags
  • AgentInbox: Find an agent online. This is a free service, but you can choose to upgrade if you want to track when literary agents actually review your query letter/submissions. 
  • Authonomy: Click for FAQ.

Burning Muse: Tumblr Writing Community Links and Tags