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It makes me sad (actually angry – but let’s stick with sad) that most humans are so separated physically from one another these days. There is no casual touching, no spontaneous clasping of hands or leaning against another as most animals do and need; what dogs tried in vain to hold into our evolution but misplaced fear and intelligence slammed on the brakes in us; no collecting in groups and packs and laying in a lump because there is warmth and concrete proof that we are not alone. We block signs of affection, of emotion, of empathy, of sympathy, of compassion, of love because of our facile intelligence about sex, we hug each other with pelvises side-to-side like a strange and rigid dance performed by dancers with no talent for dancing and our female gymnasts’ bodies form passionless pyramids when they hug and congratulate one another like bored children leaning Legos or the frightened players of games carefully stacking the two of spades and the joker in a fragile house of cards. It makes me very sad.