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Only yesterday

I was twenty years old
I caressed time
I enjoyed life
Like one savours love
And I lived for the night
Without counting my days
That were wasting away with time

I’ve made so many plans
That never came to life
I’ve build on so many hopes
That withered away
I will stay lost
Not knowing where to go
The eyes are searching the sky
But the heart is tied to the ground

Only yesterday
I was twenty years old
I’ve wasted the time
Thinking I could make it stop
And in order to retain it
Or even get ahead of it
I did nothing but to run
And I ran out of breath

Ignoring the past
Conjugating only in the future tense
I preceded
Every conversation
And I spoke my mind
I only wanted to do good
By criticizing the world
With insolence

Only yesterday
I was twenty years old
But I’ve wasted my time
By doing foolish things
That had me take off
Nothing specific
Except for some wrinkles on my forehead
And fear of boredom

All my romances are dead
Before they even existed
My friends have left
And won’t come back
Through my fault
I’ve build an empty space around me
I’ve wasted my life
And my youthful days

The best and the worst
By throwing away the best
I let my smiles go stiff
And benumed my fears
Where are they now
At this moment my twenty years

Charles AZNAVOUR. “Hier Encore”