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JUAN-PAOLO PERRE: ‘Your Garden’ [HD] – BRIAN ENO/The Poetry In Film Series

Siena Films & Siena Press present the Poetry-In-Film series featuring the poem, “Your Garden” by Juan-Paolo Perre.

This is a preliminary draft. The final version will have the my voiceover of the poem.

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Your Garden

I believe I rolled over

In my sleep last night

And before I could hear your footsteps

Descend on a fresh dawn of this month

Of October, you had already

Sealed and locked

The door behind you

And joined

The procession of stars

That recedes into the ever growing

Brightness of the Western sky.

You couldn’t have been dressed

In more than nightclothes

So when I woke and didn’t call your name

The house was full of questions.

All I expected I saw

Looking out over this early city

From a window of our house:

A series of long distance drivers

And freelance deliverers.

You bare shoulders

Flush and fluid

As acres laid down on this earth

And I wonder what they tell you.

Some steady drops of pre-dawn light

Funneled through the palm

Of a leaf and the moon

Is a shattered street lamp

On the corners of Rattlesnake Drive

And Fortune.

These days are becoming colder

By a wind thinking a thousand thoughts.

The fruit of the vine is bursting

Magnificent grace, blushing

Into a thousand peculiar memories.

The snows can come now

At any time in this part of the world.

You’ll try to count

Each and every flake

And I’ll watch your eyes

Blur, fall and fail.

© 2012 Juan-Paolo Perre